The Future of EDC is Here!

Prelude Dynamics’ Clinical Trial Optimization Platform (CTOP) turnkey solution is the answer to your Electronic Data Capture (EDC), Data Management and Project Management needs in a time where results need to be delivered quickly and accurately.

VISION™ is an Internet-based application with a central data storage system that allows all participants within any given study or clinical trial the ability to upload and access current, uniform data in an instant anywhere in the world.

VISION™ requires very little training and will allow for rapid study building. This Clinical Trial Data Management solution comes in three different forms – Composer, Pre-Built and Premium – each equipped to handle different areas of need and skillsets with the technology. Let us work with you to find the best solution.

VISION™ Product Catalog

VISION™ Composer

A do-it-yourself (DIY) solution to EDC and Data Management. Composer allows you to build your electronic Case Report Form (eCRF) simply with drag-and-drop modules, add custom edit checks, and assemble them into a visit schedule. Getting your study or clinical trial up and running with VISION™ Composer can be even faster because it comes equipped with standard modules and templates.

VISION™ Pre-Builts

A standardized template model for cost-effective reuse. Prelude Dynamics will work with you to establish your own custom set of eCRF templates by picking and choosing which fields you need to include. This allows for your templates to be used across multiple studies, reducing time and money spent building studies that have a similar structure.

VISION™ Premium

A full-service solution configured for complex projects. Premium allows you to develop and run the most secure, powerful, and valid studies possible. This package gives a full range of capabilities and support with a combination of Clinical Trial Management, Electronic Data Capture, Document Management and more.

Plug ‘n Play Extensions

Site Recruitment Database

A global registry where you find, research, and recruit sites for your upcoming clinical trial.


Secure and valid computer-based electronic patient reported outcomes.


Add patients, assign them an ID and a visit schedule and the ability to upload pertinent documents.

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