VISION™ Premium

Complex trials and studies need a reliable and efficient method to record, access and share data. Enter Prelude Dynamics’ VISION™ Premium.

VISION™ Premium is Prelude’s flagship Electronic Data Capture (EDC) and Data Management software solution. Web-based and compliant with key regulations, Premium is a robust and streamlined method for clinical data management and collection.

Using Premium, study participants are assigned to specific sites, and roles, which are used to determine access to the data and functions. VISION™ Premium roles include Coordinator, Investigator, Project Manager, Data Manager, Data Entry, Sponsor and more, as well as allowing designation of custom roles.

This level of security allows for a high level of protection of your valuable data, especially when sharing and collaborating.

Other VISION™ Premium features, such as cleaning the data, full audit trail, change history and more, help cut back on the hours of labor required to complete the trial and prepare the data for submission, thus lowering overall costs.

VISION™ Premium’s easy to navigate layout is clean and extremely user-friendly.

Premium Features

Premium presents a study overview to allow for an at-a-glance view of progress and answer queries quickly and efficiently, thanks to form states.

Any and all data entered into Premium is immediately scrubbed, cleaned and checked as it enters the site. Data is checked for errors and calculations, reducing the burden on the Coordinator or Monitor and reducing overall human error. Fields that are detected as inaccurate are plainly marked for closer inspection.

You also have the ability to generate or adjust and add to dynamic forms for unscheduled visits or updates. This gives you the ability to use different sets of forms for different patients or sites.

Premium also has the ability to generate DSMB and other reports for safety and queries at a moment’s notice and alert study participants of updates via email or task notifications in addition to:

  • Scoring of Patient Instruments
  • Dynamic Page Space
  • Limited Data Entry to Valid Selections
  • And more

Premium’s web-based functionality allows for information to be accessed, shared and updated anywhere there’s a connection, even utilizing a data storage and backup system to ensure no data will be lost during sharing.

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