VISION™ Pre-Builts

Many clinical studies follow the 80/20 rule. They start by reusing 80% of the same Case Report Forms (CRFs) from previous studies (with some tweaks) while 20% will include an awesome, and completely new fields and forms, which results in a lot of unnecessary back tracking and time wasting while you recreate whole studies from scratch.

Prelude Dynamics’ VISION™ Pre-Builts eliminates the need to recreate the wheel trial after trail. It’s another powerful tool in the VISION™ eClinical Trial Suite that allows you to identify attributes from a study setup perspective, which then will determine which CRFs to use and which sections or fields to include on the requirements of each particular study’s needs.

As each CRF is built, each section includes references to the study settings selected and uses the selections to determine which fields and labels to display and which edit checks and calculations to run.

Once the template has been approved by quality assurance it can be reused an unlimited amount of times across diverse studies.

VISION™ Pre-Builts is the ideal Electronic Data Capture (EDC) solution for studies that are often repeated such as Pilot Studies, Feed and Weigh Studies, and PK Studies.

Why VISION™ Pre-Builts

VISION™ Pre-Builts helps standardize your work flow and CRFs, drastically shortening the turnaround required to get forms built, approved and live. With a shortened timeline, your studies can now go live in a matter of days instead of weeks. A short turnaround will also help keep costs low.

Building each eCRF individually every time often results in confusion and inconsistent field labeling. Template also improves data analysis by standardizing field names across studies. VISION™ Pre-Built also reduces the time spent training new users if a particular client tends to use the same sites over and over for different studies since the template will work the same for every study that uses it.

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