VISION EDC Configurable Services

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Our software provides innovative and dynamic solutions for EDC (electronic data capture), DM (data management), and PM (project management) that support your clinical trials and the way you perform them, with an approach built with and for modern open-systems. Our elegant designs enable us to rapidly configure our solutions to reflect your study's unique requirements. Our customized applications can be implemented at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end of your study. Consisting of a web-based Java application in a J2EE architecture, with an XML supporting data structure, our solutions free you to view and use your data in any way you wish. We provide the tools; you own the study, and you own the data.

The elegance of the underlying architecture allows for the ultimate in flexibility and allows us to respond directly to your unique needs and requirements. Need adjustments mid-study? Not a problem, we will have you running smoothly with zero downtime and a launch of the new form or field in just hours. Still using paper? Our system and forms look like paper, without the errors, downfalls and added time and expense, providing an intuitive system that is easy to use with little to no training, and allowing blank pages to be printed for potential source documents. Taking advantage of horizontal space and minimizing scrolling VISION runs beautifully on laptops and tablet PCs.

All you and your participants need is a computer, and internet connection, and a desire to be on the cutting edge and cusp of Clinical Management and development.