VISION EDC Academic Research

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Prelude develops cutting edge research services and technologies for universities, medical schools and research institutes worldwide. We understand the importance and impact of the research that is being conducted by individuals and teams in and across multiple disciplines and the obstacles and limitations that are encountered.


  • Electronic Data Capture (EDC)
  • Data Management (CDMS)
  • Project Management
  • Communication Tools
  • Site Management
  • Department/Geographic Locations
  • Custom Lab Interface
  • Registry Systems


  • Phase I
  • Phase II-IV
  • Post Market
  • Adaptive Trials
  • Rescue Studies
  • Disease Registries

Unique problems require unique solutions.

  • Funding
  • Communication
  • Interdisciplinary/Multi-Site
  • Development of new ideas
  • Resource Availability
  • Program Sustainability
  • Data Management

VISION, a complete research support and data management system - Expand your capabilities. Broaden the scope of your research. Streamline the process for achieving your goals.

  • Improved Grant Proposals
  • Broad and Flexible Communication tools
  • Immediate /Real-time Data Feedback (Identify new ideas/trends)
  • Comprehensive and unique solutions
  • Reduced time and expense