VISION™ modern features & flexibility

Pharma & Medical Device

Our clients have shared... VISION provides a cost effective, yet powerful solution that our sites have found to be intuitive and easy to use. The sites like the simple user interface yet powerful features which focus on helping them capture "clean data" the first time. Learn how VISION™ can seemlessly integrate into your existing workflow. Learn more.

Animal Health

Our clients have shared that "Data collecting using VISION™ has been submitted to the FDA CVM and EMEA along with other global regulatory agencies across the globe for successful approvals." One client recently shared that they received regulatory approval more than 9 months ahead of plan. To learn how Prelude might help you, click here!

CRO Branding

Customize VISION to reflect your brand and provide the most elegant, modern and user-friendly eClinical system on the market today! Optimize your organization’s effectiveness and efficiency, and provide your clients with reliable and secure clinical data solutions with all the in-house advantages. Learn more.

Academic Research

Offering cutting edge research services and technologies for universities, medical schools and research institutes worldwide. We understand the importance and impact of the research that is being conducted by individuals and teams in and across multiple disciplines and the obstacles encountered. Learn more.

2003-2013, Prelude Dynamics is celebrating our 10 year anniversary and our state-of-the-art, web-based Clinical Trial Management System called VISION™. Learn more.

VISION™ At-A-Glance

    Advanced Form Design

    Robust form design, dynamic, hard and soft edit checks, custom calculations, custom error messages and more.

    User Roles & Permissions

    Client defined User roles, edit/create/view premissions, assigned sites and more accessiblity options.


    Email and in-system notifications generated from events or client defined triggers.

    Patient & Site Summaries

    Real-time, user-invoked summary charts, graphs, tables, can depict key trends within the data.

    Lab Integration

    Custom interfaces to external (central or local) labs streamline the incorporation of lab data.

    Data Export

    Users with permission can export data in XML format for import to SAS, Excel, Access, etc.

    Image Handling & Annotate

    Upload and view images within VISION™, interfaces with the Aperio imaging system, image annotation

    Document Management

    This optional module allows the user to define standard documents for patients, sites, and personnel

    Budgeting & Invoices

    Optional module, set budget items and invoices by site, based patient's progress within study.

    Complete Audit Trail

    Each field has a complete audit trail (user, role, date/time, old and new value) available for view to the user.

    Review & Electronic Signature

    Signatures correspond to form status changes, which go from New > In-Work > In-Review > Reviewed > Final

    Training Study & Material

    Training studies are copies of each new study that allow new users to experiment without impacting live data.

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