VISION Clinical Trial Management

Validated Trial and Data Management Solutions

VISION™, the world’s first EDC/CTMS platform offering a continuum of do-it-yourself to full-service eClinical solutions. We supply innovative, proven, validated technology used globally for over 14 years.

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Meet VISION™ Clinical Trial Optimization Platform

Prelude Dynamics’ Clinical Trial Optimization Platform provides integrated solutions which automate numerous processes, including Electronic Data Management, Trial Management, Remote Monitoring, Inventory, Invoicing and much more.

Premium offers unlimited configurable options and exclusive one-on-one collaboration with a Prelude professional. You can customize every detail, build with an expert, and get your study live on time. A combo of CTMS, EDC, Doc. Management and more, VISION™ provides you with the optimal study build experience and support.

Composer puts the study build in your control. This do-it-yourself tool allows you to construct eCRFs through drag-and-drop modules and plug-and-play edit checks.

Build a study on your schedule! Composer also comes equipped with standard modules, making a study build even faster.

Pre-built studies are all about savings. Work with Prelude to establish your own set of template eCRFs to be used across multiple studies now and into the future.

With Pre-Builts you’re saving time and money on study builds, training and conducting your live study.

Are you working with sites that lack internet connectivity? Digital Paper is your solution. Digital Paper captures data offline and later syncs to your database when connectivity is possible. It operates as an add-on to Premium or Pre-Built studies and allows for server syncing, offline data entry, RFID and barcodes.

IDEXX Bioresearch
Hill's Vet
Johns Hopkins Medicine
Boehringer Ingelheim
Great Ape Heart Project

Cardiac Health Registry

Great Ape Heart Project

Prelude is honored to have collaborated with the Zoo Atlanta-based Great Ape Heart Project (GAHP) in developing a database to help the global zoo community address a critical need of investigating and understanding cardiovascular disease in great apes.

Prelude Dynamics’ established robust clinical trial management and electronic data capture (EDC) system, VISION™, was selected as the platform for the Great Ape Cardiac Registry for its customization-ready, secure foundation that would ably meet the centralization and standardization needs of GAHP.


VISION™ Tips ‘n Tricks: Running Reports on On-Demand Forms

Ever wonder how to run reports for *on-demand forms? Wonder no longer! Navigate to the Subject List Page (or Site if running the report from there), click the Reports (see Figure 1) button towards the bottom of the page. Figure 1. Reports button Select the forms and...

Tailored Exports: SAS xport format available with VISION

While XML exports and archives are the preferred format for FDA/CVM submission, the older SAS xport (XPT) format is still allowed by and is being used by some companies for their data submission. VISION™ has always provided XML format and and now it's possible for you...

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